Michigan's CMP Program

CMP was introduced in Bloomfield Hills High School in 1992 for the sixth grade only. At the end of the 1992-93 school, the staff were so impressed with it that they used it for all three grades. The pilot is still ongoing. To find out more about their program you can visit the school's website.


Traverse City is the other Michigan site for the pilot project. There are two schools, one Traverse City East Junior High and Traverse City West Junior High. I cannot ascertain which school implemented the pilot. My guess is the former.

The Michigan Educational Assessment Program or MEAP is the equivalent of TAAS. Unlike PISD, this test is conducted only at the 4th, 7th, and 10th grade. This makes it difficult to evaluate the progress of one class over a few years. Thus only comparison we can make from the results is with the whole school district as well as a year-to-year comparison of 7th graders. Results are posted here:


MEAP Math % Passing

As for the school district in Bloomfield Hills, the pilot school did not have the highest percentage passing for three of the five years after implementation of CMP.

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