NSF Funding for CMP

Public funds to the tune of tens of millions have been dedicated to support CMP.
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Statewide Systemic Initiatives/CMP


In The News

News and letters published in our local paper, The Plano Star Courier, concerning CMP.

Parents Divided on Math - July 2, 1998
Plano Star Courier, "Math students deserve the best of both worlds."   Dec. 2, 1998
Math Program Compliant Filed - Dec. 5, 1998
Opinions Split On Connected Math Classes - Dec. 10, 1998
Connected Math - Buyer Beware - Dec. 23, 1998
Connected Math Inquiries Yield Clueless Responses - Jan. 2, 1999
PISD Math Committee Under Way - Jan. 8, 1999

Connected Math Data May Be Tainted By NSF Grants, Conflicts of Interest - Jan, 1999

Researchers Give Connected Math Differing Grades - Jan. 28, 1999
Blue Ribbon Committee's Report on CMP - Mar. 2, 1999
Parents must demand to be treated as partners by schools - Mar. 5, 1999

Other News
Division Problems - Dallas Morning News, Mar. 6, 1999

Oregon Education.Org

New! Right@Math

Valuable math resource available here.


New New Math

This article appeared in Dartmouth Review, shouldn't we learn from failures.

The Fuzziest of Disciplines

State Math Standard

An appraisal of Math Standards published in March 1998. Texas receives a B' rating. You can also find evaluation of other subjects too.

Parents Losing Control

When a parent approaches a teacher or administrator concerning a problem, the response the parent gets makes him/her feel that he/she is the only one having the problem. In other cases, the parent may feel that their ideas and concerns will be considered but nothing eventually happens. Sometimes, parents are angered to make them look bad or radical in front of others. To learn more about such common tactics, let me introduce you to the Delphi Technique. Don't fall for it the next time.
The Delphi Technique
How It Robs Parents Of Control Over Their Child's Education
Using the Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus
How to Achieve a Workable Consensus within Time Limits

Math Programs Reviews

A review of mathematics textbook sponsored by the Education Connection of Texas and performed by reviewers at Mathematically Correct.
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Project 2061's positive review - NSF